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Worker's Compensation

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Workers compensation law only applies to workers who are hurt on the job.
Workers compensation benefits are available to an injured worker without regard to who, if anyone, was at fault in causing the injury.
So long as the employer makes workers compensation benefits available to the injured employee, the employer can not be sued for personal injury or wrongful death damages; workers compensation is the exclusive remedy available to an injured worker.

Moreira, Garcia & Associates, LLC. Represent victims in all types of work related accidents. Many of our clients have been hurt at work because of a Slip & Fall, Faulty and Unsafe Equipment, Lack of Safety Equipment, Hazardous Chemical Exposure, Harmful Substance Exposure,  Electrical Burns, Explosions and Unsafe Flooring, or an Auto Accident while working for their employer. While the workplace accidents we have listed here are some of the most common, there are many other causes of work related injuries that we represent. It doesn't matter if your work related injury is someone else's fault or no one's fault. You may be entitled to certain benefits under the Workers' Compensation system.
Moreira, Garcia & Associates, LLC. Only charges contingency fees*, which means that he only gets paid when you receive a financial award or settlement.

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